Sunday, April 23, 2017

MTO WORLD SHOCK EXCLUSIVE:Teenage Couple COMMITTED SUICIDE . . . And They Left The SUICIDE NOTE. . . On Social Media!! (Read The Note . . . And See VIDEO)




April 23, 2017: just received word of a TRAGIC story, coming from Cincinnati, Ohio. A teenage couple has reportedly committed suicide.

Details surrounding the incidents are still developing, but we’re being told that 17 year old Markeice Brown is believed to have committed SUICIDE yesterday – just a few days after his girlfriend Mercedes is believed to have committed suicide.

According to online reports, Mercedes committed suicide last week. Her friends believed that Markeice contributed to his girlfriend’s suicide – and began HARASSING HIM online. The harassment, along with the grief of losing his girlfriend, reportedly pushed Markeice to suicide also.

Here is the alleged suicide note that he posted on Facebook.

Here are more pics of Markeice.

Here are Markeice and Mercedes:

Here is Mercedes:

Its a shame that even in death people have to be such narcissist...this is the exact reason i keep saying social media needs to rid live streaming...nothing but a bunch of evil being streamed...people would rather put on live stream than call 911

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      People need to teach their children to love themselves. Wanting "likes" for self-esteem to the extreme of live streaming your suicide speaks volumes to the level of love they had for themselves. This isn't mental illness, this is ludicrous. The extent that today's kids will go for the most "likes" and watched video is getting out of hand. Teaching children to love themselves regardless of what's going on in the world is something we as parents need to work harder at. Limiting the time spent on social media is another one. Sometimes we play into our kids self-esteem issues by buying them all the latest this and that. We need to stop that shyt immediately. Back in the day, we had less, but loved ourselves more. Today's youth put all of their self esteem into "likes" and that's a HUGE problem that will only get worse. When you allow society to validate you, they will always find new ways to destroy you. You can NEVER please people, just be happy with yourself.

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          Yes their main goal is to become the next trending topic even if it means that their loved ones and best friends have to view their deaths...its extremely selfish...not only are you killing yourself but youre leaving your parents to have to come across a gruesome video like this...once its on the internet there's no taking it down

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              They are all hoping their video will go viral. They do the extra most for fame and popularity. They were forming some clique at my daughter's school and when I realized she was a part of it, I INSTANTLY made her remove herself. They were mad and even trying to fight her for not wanting to be a part of it. I stuck with her thru it and she got over it. She's a one man army with her own brain, you don't need no extra group of bytches to uplift you. She didn't understand it, but she did in the end. Her stress level went down tremendously and she's a much happier person not having to deal with the pressure of keeping up with those fake @sz friends.

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                  I commend you for taking the time to get in there and embarrass your daughter in front fo those friends, so she can see that….you embarrassing her among her fake friends….gave her the strength and the power to see for herself how that emotion was not grounded in anything of any real value to her life and happiness. You have done what more parents need to do for their children. It's a much different world as much as a different mindset of youth out here. He have to be their guides not their friends when they need the wisdom of an adult to get them thru the often tumultuous period of being a teenager.

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