Saturday, July 21, 2018

So I over analyzed this video and come to this conclusion: Sanders "absolutely outraged" by Trump's "behavior in Helsinki"

So I over analyzed this speech and came up with the conclusion that he's extremely amazed and he's just frustrated that Trumps policies to difficult for him to understand and to implement. He endorses older men working with younger attractive females. Its ok to publicly embarrass yourself on national TV. He supports smiling and licking his tongue. He wants people to tell trump the truth cause of like the emperors new clothes you don't tell him the truth the he's not going to know. He notices that trump makes decisions based upon popular opinion and well thought out ideas just not the one he's supports. He's put spys an informants in the trump organization and has gotten similar funding from over seas.
Also you have to look at his tongue cause its like crossing his fingers. When you do that its ok to lie as long as you lick your tongue before everything you say. Its a tactic to get people to pay more attention to him and get more money off of ad revenue. This is obvious because he's talking about matters of national security and I don't think he wants his hardcore supporter and large detonators to think things are as simple as it sounds. But he still wants a message to that resonates with average Americans.
Also I play chess a lot and I get "absolutely outraged" when some one plays a brilliant chess move against me. He has to be playing chess because like in chess you only get one move before the other side plays or on politics you only get a 3 min sound bite despite how popular you are so you have to choose your words very carefully. Now maybe the outrage is because he thought he was in on this issue of national security but he isn't.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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